Raw honey has been used traditionally for a long time as a natural remedy for various ailments. This is because it is rich in enzymes and nutrients that are associated with health benefits. Presently, honey is still used as a popular food and is also used in some hospitals as a natural treatment for wounds. It is, however, important to note these health benefits of honey are only associated with its raw form

Some of the well-known benefits of raw honey

1. Soothing a sore throat or a cough

ertynutybtrRaw honey has been used as a natural remedy for a sore throat for many generations. Taking a few teaspoons of honey can help cure your sore throat effectively. Also, it can also help treat a persistent cough that won’t go away. You only need to take a few teaspoons of raw honey, and your cough will go away.

2. Improving sleep

Raw honey can also be used to help improve sleep. This is because it is known to increase insulin production in your body, thus triggering an increase in the production of serotonin. Your body then converts serotonin into melatonin, which is a chemical with the ability to regulate the quality and length of sleep.

3. Treating burns and wounds

Raw honey has been traditionally used to treat wounds and burns for many centuries. This is because it contains natural antimicrobial properties. Raw honey can effectively use as an external and internal antibiotic.

4. Improving the complexion of your face

Raw, pure honey can be used as a face wash to help improve the complexion of the face. It is very effective when it comes to eradicating acne as well as relieving several different types of skin problems. To use it as a face wash, just dilute it with water. Also, if your aim is to clear acne, just use raw honey to dab on your pimples. After a while, cover each of your pimples with Band-Aid, then wait for 30 minutes before removing them. Lastly, rinse your face with clean water.

5. Boosting energy

Honey is a natural energy booster. It can be used by athletes to help boost their energy just before engaging in exercise. Ideally, they should include raw, pure honey in their pm-workout snack or meal.

6. Improving brain health/function

d34ftyyjnytRaw honey can be used to improve brain function, particularly in pm-menopausal women, who may be suffering from hormone-related intellectual decline. This is because of it rich in antioxidants, which are known to help reduce cellular loss and damage in the brain. Research findings show that pre-menopausal women who take one spoonful of honey each day can experience a boost in their brain function.